FTI-Andersch Independent Business Reviews (IBR)

  • are the fastest way of getting reliable answers on how to handle serious company challenges;
  • focus on key parameters and drivers in order to quickly establish transparency;
  • can concentrate on specific problem areas in order to quickly gain an understanding of priority issues while keeping staffing expenditure at a minimum.


Areas of application

FTI-Andersch Independent Business Reviews (IBR)

  • are robust, concise analyses that can be used to substantiate decisions of a strategic nature;
  • indicate possible courses of action and potential, and disclose what further analyses are needed for a viable business plan;
  • give shareholders a quick, focused overview of how an entire company group or an individual associated company is developing, for example, if the management has changed or additional acquisitions have been made;
  • serve as a reliable basis for credit decisions on the part of financers.


Core benefits

  • Independent, transparent evaluations:
    As an auditing firm, FTI-Andersch possesses the neutrality to build stakeholder confidence in the analysis results and recommended steps.
  • Comprehensive experience:
    FTI-Andersch is a leading provider of consulting services for companies undergoing challenging phases. Its team of experts is highly familiar with the parameters crucial to achieving success, and adept at overseeing financing processes.
  • Resource-saving focus:
    Working together with you, FTI-Andersch defines the results required to establish a robust decision-making basis and focusses its analysis on these.