Dorothée Fritsch

Diploma in Intercultural and Business Admin.
B.A. European Studies

Dorothée Fritsch has been a member of the FTI-Andersch team since 2012 and heads the Markets & Strategy division.

She is an expert for market and competitive analyses within the scope of restructuring reports, independent business reviews and planning plausibility checks; strategic alignment and securing of clients’ sustainable competitiveness.

She has extensive industry experience, particularly in the consumer goods, retail, fashion, furniture and packaging sectors, as well as in the mechanical engineering, automotive, renewable energy and services sectors.

Dorothée Fritsch is an expert in new retail concepts. Furthermore, she has immersed herself in the field of digitization, including design of a concept for evaluating the digital maturity of a company ("Digital Readiness") and authorship of the Andersch digitlization and blockchain market studies.

Prior to joining FTI-Andersch, she spent four years as a consultant in the advisory field of a world-leading auditing company.