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Act – don’t react: In our increasingly globalized, digitalized times, companies that fail to regularly review and revise their business models will soon be left behind. Take action. Today.

  • Position yourself strategically
  • Optimize business processes
  • Accelerate the speed of change
  • Gain planning reliability
  • Track your financing
  • Avoid risks
  • Master special business situations

An independent opinion

Do your stakeholders need a expert professional opinion on the status of your company? Do you require an independant expert report? We can offer you the expertise that you require. We also have a wealth of operational experience in helping companies to successfully navigate a restructuring.

  • Strategic review
  • Restructuring reports (restructuring opinions)
  • Independent Business Review (IBR)
  • Business planning assessments
  • outcome analysis
  • Options analysis
  • Going concern review
  • Expert reports required under insolvency law
Success Stories
  • Mechanical & plant engineering (Koenig & Bauer)

    Digital technologies have permanently changed the market structures in the printing industry.

  • Beverages (Hochwald Sprudel)

    FTI-Andersch developed a tailored concept for the future and engaged in consistent communication with investors. Based on this work, Hochwald was able to sustainably reorganize its earning and financing structures.

  • Retail (Butlers)

    FTI-Andersch conducted a detailed options analysis and helped Butlers to restructure successfully.

  • Mechanical & plant engineering (elumatec)

    FTI-Andersch conducted a detailed analysis and developed a global strategy for elumatec AG. These measures helped the company transform its business and significantly increase its value.

  • Renewable energy (juwi)

    FTI-Andersch provided support to juwi AG for the validation of its corporate planning and the financing needs required to develop new growth markets.

  • Supplier (Weber-Hydraulik)

    As an innovative business partner, WEBER-HYDRAULIK realizes sophisticated, application-specific system solutions according to customer requirements.

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