Welcome to Andersch

Together we turn challenges into opportunities

The challenges facing corporate executives are diverse, becoming more and more complex and continually increasing: fluctuating business cycles, new competitors, changing markets, the insecurities in Europe and the global economy can force even the most sound and established companies into financial difficulties. This calls for quick, intelligent and levelheaded action. A viable concept and corresponding implementation plan must be created for a stable and successful company future. Our primary objective is to strengthen the business model of the company, its competitiveness as well as to optimally increase company value. In this situation, Andersch is the experienced, professional partner for companies of all sizes operating in all sectors.

Together with our clients, we develop a solution and a strategy for a successful company future, e.g. based-on options analyses or growth and restructuring concepts. Once developed, we normally support the dynamic implementation of this strategy.

Andersch draws on its management and consultant teams’ years of experience working in the field. Over the last twenty years, we have specialized in offering sustainable solutions to even the most difficult corporate situations and change processes that today’s business are facing.

Many of our about 70 consultants bring years of experience working together in the restructuring field as they share a common background with a well-known international auditing company.

Andersch measures its own success by the success of its clients. As a result, our clients and our consultants are always working together closely to achieve a common goal.

For more information about our range of services, please arrange for a non-binding personal meeting where we can sit down face to face and discuss how our services can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Key Competencies

  • Good solutions begin with attentive listening, recognition, and comprehension of the problem. This continually assumes that the knowledge of the relevant market situation and the competitive landscape as well as the corresponding success factors is at hand. And thus - a high degree of Sector Competency.

  • Optimal solutions also require the application of safe practices and Solution Competency.

  • And success requires the sustainable and competent implementation of the measures identified, Implementation Competency.