Your goal

The increasing volatility, complexity and dynamics of today’s economic system require quick reactions to relevant developments. You are looking to prepare yourself today for possible future developments in order to be able to respond flexibly and promptly, as needed. To do this, you need reliable What-if analysis and support to include its findings in your business planning.

Our services

We analyze your integrated business planning and identify which drivers are relevant for your company to be successful by combining your employees’ expertise with the methodology and industry competence of our experts. We use databases and big data analysis to calculate potential changes to one or more of the identified drivers and their impact on your company. Using our consultants’ extensive experience in the industry, their judgement and creativity as well as artificial intelligence, we work together with you to develop roadmaps for the best possible way to handle developments you may be facing.

Your benefits

  • A solid basis for your business planning:
    Detailed simulation of possible developments is vital for a sustainable strategy.
  • The fastest possible response:
    By analyzing the simulation, you can develop the right measures for any planning risk. This means you are able to respond whilst your competitors are still looking for solutions.
  • Reliable results:
    FTI-Andersch has in-depth experience in identifying crucial drivers. Our proven methodology paired with innovative technology delivers precise analysis on which we base our reliable recommendations for action.