Your goal

Companies in difficulties will find conducting financing or refinancing negotiations especially challenging. With our broad expertise and unwavering professionalism, we help our clients achieve the best possible results from such situations.

Our services

We put together cogent, fact-based arguments to present to the committees concerned, clearly delineating the respective liquidity needs and setting out a suitable financing framework. We illustrate the business model in a way that meets the needs of all stakeholders and, based on this, determine target-oriented covenants taking the risks of all negotiating partners into account. This, in turn, facilitates accelerated decision-making. We also develop and implement transparent, objective reporting processes that keep all parties involved abreast of current business developments.

Your benefits

  • Accelerated processes:
    we know how investors think and, as such, know just what information they need to make their decisions. By providing them with this, we avoid unnecessary enquiries and protracted approval processes.
  • Trust bonus:
    our reputation as trusted, highly experienced financial consultants makes it easier for us to develop solutions and covenant structures that are acceptable for all the parties.
  • Optimized financial structures:
    we are experts when it comes to expressing business processes in figures and reliably ascertaining the requisite financing needs.
  • Added value thanks to transparent reporting:
    we develop customized reporting processes based on our extensive experience in communicating with investors. These deliver objective data about current business developments, fulfilling investors’ informational needs and strengthening their faith in the investment.