Christine Grotz

Partner and Managing Director Weber-Hydraulik GmbH

With emphasis on success

The earnings and liquidity situation of the leading manufacturer of hydraulic solutions had deteriorated as a result of strong Asian competitors, market developments in Brazil and India, low investment in the core business and a lack of post-merger integration. The partnership-based, pressure-filled approach led to an early end to the restructuring phase.


The Swabian family business has been producing high-quality cylinders, control blocks, steering and suspension systems, valves and aggregates as well as rescue equipment for over 80 years. Weber Hydraulik is a leading manufacturer of application-specific system solutions.

Initial Situation

The company's earnings and liquidity situation had deteriorated due to strong Asian competitors, market developments in Brazil and India, low investments in the core business, lack of business transparency and a lack of post-merger integration.



Together with the management team, FTI-Andersch developed a concept including selling certain companies to focus on the core business, optimizing the German production plants and relocating production capacities to low-wage countries.



Financial stability was ensured, a high level of data transparency was created and profitability was significantly increased. Weber Hydraulik is profitable and refinanceable with the completion of the restructuring on June 30, 2019.

Jürgen Lotter

Initially, it was planned that the restructuring phase would last until the end of 2019 – and we successfully completed the restructuring as early as June 30, 2019. We keep in touch with Andersch, it was a very trusting cooperation and we are always happy to draw on the experience of Andersch.

Jürgen Lotter Commercial Managing Director Weber-Hydraulik GmbH