FTI-Andersch strategy reviews

  • provide you with an independent and professional assessment of a company’s medium- and long-term strategy, and
  • focus on the company-specific resources and core competencies.
  • As a workshop-based method, they incorporate the perspectives of various departments, decision-makers, and suitable opinion leaders (as required).

Areas of application

FTI-Andersch strategy reviews

  • compare the relevance of the resources and competencies available within the company to the requirements from market developments and trends
  • review the existing business model and evaluate the appeal of other strategic options
  • prioritize options for action and develop a long-term corporate vision statement
  • supply you with concrete recommendations for action to secure a lasting competitive advantage


Core benefits

  • A 360° service package:
    FTI-Andersch not only evaluates the existing strategy and offers concrete recommendations for action but also provides support if necessary for developing a robust corporate strategy.
  • Integrative approach:
    FTI-Andersch involves not only company management and the departments but also other technical or creative decision-makers and topic owners in the strategy development process.
  • Independent, transparent evaluations:
    As an auditing firm, FTI-Andersch has the neutrality needed to build stakeholder confidence in the results of the analysis and the recommended steps.