Your goal

Have the first signs of financial difficulties become apparent, or is a potential liquidity crisis or breach of covenant imminent? In such circumstances, it is crucial that you respond proactively in order to retain control of the situation and keep your liability risks to a minimum.

Our services

We develop a transparent, fact-based strategy for stabilizing your financial situation. Using tried-and-tested methods, we determine possible liquidity needs and present various options for covering these. We develop a clear basis for negotiations that takes the requirements of all investors into account. We also help you in your communications with internal and external stakeholders. On request, we can provide experienced managers via Andersch Management GmbH and will personally assume responsibility for successful implementation of the defined measures.


Your benefits

  • Quick overview:
    within one to two weeks, we provide you with a short-term liquidity plan and detailed forecast of your liquidity needs.
  • Professional support:
    with over 20 years of experience in handling challenging company situations, we are deeply familiar with both the information requirements of investors and the options open to borrowers.
  • Practice-based advisory services:
    our experienced specialists use sophisticated, highly structured processes to secure or regain control of the respective financial situation.