FTI-Andersch restructuring reports

  • use an integrated restructuring concept to provide a detailed description of how a company can be successfully restructured
  • highlight the root causes that actually led to the situation the company now finds itself in and show the way forward, via measures and strategies developed jointly
  • validate the restructuring ability from the perspective of a neutral third party
  • fulfill all legal requirements that the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) places on restructuring reports

Areas of application

FTI-Andersch restructuring reports

  • are necessary in business-critical situations from a legal perspective:
    • Banks need relevant expert opinions in order to satisfy regulatory requirements
    • Company management and creditors need restructuring reports to guard against subsequent legal challenges and liability risks
    • Restructuring reports are also prescribed in the context of wage bargaining or redundancy program negotiations, and for the granting of state aid or tax exemptions
  • are critically important for the planning and long-term implementation of positive restructuring measures


Core benefits

  • High success rate:
    FTI-Andersch is a market and quality leader in the field of restructuring reports and has successfully assisted in well over 100 restructuring projects in the last 20 years.
  • Comprehensive experience:
    We highlight the optimal steps to take for successful restructuring, creating transparency and securing the necessary level of trust in the success of the project with all stakeholders.
  • Absolute professionalism:
    FTI-Andersch provides best-of-breed tools for decision-making, ensuring peace of mind on legal matters for everyone involved.