Restructuring concepts & restructuring reports

During a crisis situation, restructurings concepts serve as a decisive foundation for the successful realignment of a company. Without a sustainable restructuring concept with a subsequent expert opinion of the company’s restructuring ability, it is generally not possible to secure the necessary financing from credit institutions or other investors. Often, this is also the case where the necessary continuation or prolongation of already existing loans and facility lines are concerned.

The content of a restructuring concept must always comply with the rulings of the highest judicial jurisprudence and the minimum requirements of the Bundesgerichtshof ((BGH) German Federal Supreme Court). Restructuring concepts which do not meet the legal minimum requirements are not only of no use during a crisis situation, they also represent a considerable legal and commercial risk – e.g. for the company’s management.

Andersch creates restructuring concepts in accordance with the required standards.

The Andersch team has a reputation for the high quality of the restructuring reports that it provides and also for its high degree of implementation competency.

Typical content:

  • We create a tailor-made concept with a suitable set of measures. These concepts serve not only as a sustainable foundation for decision-making during refinancing negotiations or capital measures, they also help to realize tax-exempt restructuring profits
  • We examine and assess already existing restructuring concepts (“second opinion”)
  • Our restructurings concepts meet the minimum requirements of the BGH (German Federal Supreme Court) and are also in compliance with the IDW S6 requirements
  • Expert opinions of the restructuring ability

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Restructuring Concepts

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