Support during refinancing negotiations

Negotiations in difficult financial situations require a high degree of moderation skills, tact and finesse in order to reach a solution which is acceptable for all parties.

Depending on the securities and risk positions of the investors as well as the shareholder contributions and company positions, such situations often require a neutral leadership of complex negotiations, the ability to develop financial models that express the willingness to compromise and that can be implemented with the consensus of all parties.

We know the practices and customs of these types of processes and in the last twenty years, we have successfully supported a multitude of complex financial negotiations. During these processes, we have a track record of presenting sustainable proposals that were effectively implemented.

Proposals that can reach a large measure of consensus often require the provision of specific company information. We help companies and investors to provide suitable additional information – if, for example, a liquidity preview is needed at short notice or integrated mid-term planning with quantified effect of measures is required.