Your goal

Identify measures to boost efficiency or to reduce the debt to equity ratio by optimizing the use of internal financing resources. Achieve an understanding of the company's capital commitments and how these may be usefully released. This requires a catalogue of measures and an organization that is able to implement them. In addition, you require the tools to effectively manage your working capital.   

Our services

We first analyze the leading drivers for capital tie-up and use these to define and prioritize appropriate measures. Together, we draw up robust, measurable criteria for targets and prepare an action plan. In the transition phase, we provide support in the form of tools that use ERP data to deliver up-to-date progress reports and assist the organization. We also provide expertise and resources as required to assist with the implementation.


Our analysis shows the areas where capital commitments can be reduced. We provide a dedicated action plan with prioritized measures. Together with the company, we systematically reengineer the processes that lead to high levels of capital commitment. With regards to liquidity management, we initially focus on the measures that will provide the highest benefit in the shortest time.