Our understanding of business

Tailor-made solutions

Andersch advises and supports each company individually. A one-size-fits-all approach does not meet our standards. We place great importance in high quality – especially in transition periods and crisis situations. We put together each team based on the particular needs of the individual case. These teams, incorporation with the management of the client, create sustainable concepts and intelligent solutions for the respective challenges.

The project results are comprised of perfectly tailored solutions because standard solutions will only lead to standard success. Long-term experience and special know-how as well as our commitment culminate in successful results. Results that can never be obtained with a standard approach.

Sound Craftsmanship

When it comes to methods and figures, Andersch relies on solid craftsmanship and tested principles. We deliver the quality we promise and convince you with our level of commitment and our high level of problem solving competence.

Our entire organization is designed to meet the requirements of the market. The know-how of our team, to which we count numerous auditors and MBAs, is rooted in strong analytic and conceptual abilities and an excellent understanding of how businesses operate.

Transparent Communication

Trust demands transparent communication. Whether they are given during the course of a meeting or in writing – our statements, analyses or recommendations are always clear and comprehensible. Our results are structured and always focused on the essentials.

Practice-oriented Concepts

Together with our clients, Andersch develops implementation-oriented concepts for sustainable business success and advises and supports their implementation – pragmatically and hands-on.

Objective Assessments

As an audit company, Andersch is obligated to be objective. We always provide case-specific, independent, professional assessments of the (initial) situations at hand, and of the corresponding opportunities, risks and objectives they present. These assessments serve as the neutral basis from which important decisions can be taken and, therefore, are of great economic utility for all parties.

Respectful Cooperation

Our focus is always on the client. Open communication with our clients always takes place on equal footing in a respectful manner. We see ourselves as a supporter of business decision processes and are not looking to be the center of attention.