What is special about our consulting services?

Together in cooperation with our clients, we develop solutions and strategies to master difficult situations. We work for companies of different sizes in various sectors and assist them with the implementation of strategies and necessary measures.

The scope of the differing issues, sectors and professional focal points offers a wide variety of tasks and keeps us looking forward to the challenges that each new day presents.

During the course of our project work, we produce restructuring reports and restructuring concepts – including the strategic realignment of the company. We also develop operating cost reduction and efficiency improvement projects, produce business plans during restructuring and growth phases or we examine and perform plausibility checks for existing plans. Performing options analyses and providing measures to optimize liquidity management also belongs to our daily business. If necessary, we can also advise and assist our clients during the course of refinancing negotiations.

In particular, restructuring consulting offers you the possibility to familiarize yourself with the various process steps and company sectors while you learn to perform in depth analyses. You begin your career with a general set of professional skills and are quickly able to add to them to develop you own unique consultant profile.

As an auditing company, we concentrate on the issues that arise within the environment of difficult company situations. We do not perform audits of annual reports or provide tax consultancy services.