Corporate body consulting during times of crisis

A company crisis triggers specific obligations and personal liability risks for you as an executive body (Managing Director, Management Board or Supervisory Board).

Andersch will help you fulfill your specific obligations and duties and avoid personal liability risks during times of crisis by providing you with the economic basis for sound, sufficiently documented and comprehensible decisions.

In a concrete crisis situation, the legal norms to be applied are mandatory (legal obligation). However, where ​your business decisions are concerned, you still have to prove that your decisions were reasonable and that your actions were based on the appropriate information and for the good of the company. The obligation to exercise due care – also known as the Business Judgment Rule – applies equally to members of the Management Board and to the Supervisory Board.

As an auditing company specialized in challenging business situations, Andersch completes your professional legal advice by providing you with a business analysis of the actual economic situation of your company. The observance of abstract legal obligations with respect to actions required is thus supported by objectively comprehensible decision-making.

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Corporate body consulting during times of crisis

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