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The Influence of Digitalization on Traditional Companies in the Furniture Industry and the Logistics Sector – Disruptive Market Trends and Options of Action

Established players strongly focused on the existing surroundings and achieved success – they prioritized their own technologies, products, or their own companies. In doing so, they often neglected the increasingly important contact to the customer and their increasing demand for transparency, comfort, and individualization. Here lies the advantage of digital platforms: they position themselves as problem-solvers and more increasingly, they are becoming the first point of contact. The digital-based player is characterized by its strong customer focus and delivers tailor-made offers that they don’t necessarily produce themselves. In many sectors, they are triggering a disruptive change or are strengthening an already existing one. What dangers do they present to established players? To what extent can these new, successful business models be transferred to traditional companies? What chances and risks lie in digital change? Our current study examines these questions in a case study on the furniture industry and the logistics sector.

  • New Perspectives in the Furniture Industry

  • New Focus in the Logistics Sector

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