Your goal

Is your company in critical difficulties and facing impending insolvency? Are you looking for a partner with extensive knowledge and experience, able to support you in assuming control of the situation?

Our services

Our top priority is to maintain and, over the long term, raise the respective enterprise value. We start out by analyzing the grounds for insolvency as per Standard 11 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) and by compiling a going concern forecast. Where possible, we implement out-of-court restructuring measures as these tend to be not only the least costly option, but also one of the most effective in terms of preserving value. If the crisis in question has reached an advanced stage, we implement either umbrella proceedings pursuant to Section 270b German Insolvency Act (InsO), or preventive restructuring proceedings pursuant to the proposed EU directive. We are at your side at all stages of the process, from the preparatory phase through to certification as per Section 270b German Insolvency Act (InsO) and the drawing up of an insolvency or restructuring plan.

Your benefits

  • Evaluation of the need for action:
    our expert assessments provide you with a precise appraisal of how urgent the situation is and a clear break-down of the options available.
  • An overview of your options:
    we ascertain whether judicial proceedings, extrajudicial proceedings or, in future, preventive restructuring measures, will be most expedient in terms of preserving the value of your enterprise.
  • Professional support across all areas:
    we provide you with the requisite expert reports, analyses, forecasts and concepts. We can also put our renown and long-standing restructuring expertise to effective use in negotiations with stakeholders.