Your goal

You know where you are going, you have identified opportunities that will add value to your company and have planned to make the required changes. You now want to manage these opportunities and complete the transformation efficiently and successfully.


Our services

We work with the management team to design the transformation culture for the company. To do so, we set up a tailor-made project management structure with the corresponding processes and structures, provide the company with an efficient tool for controlling implementation, and prepare the communication plan used to provide precise and transparent information to all of the process stakeholders. On request, we can provide experienced managers via Andersch Management GmbH to handle steering roles as well as support services.


Your benefits

  • Visible achievements:
    From our long experience with change processes, we know where the transformation organization is typically underestimated and which countermeasures are effective against this.
  • Efficiency first:
    With our support, all of the resources needed for transformation management are ready at the right point in time and can be deployed in a properly targeted manner.
  • Quick results:
    Our mature processes are tried-and-tested, and designed to steadily accelerate your transformation project while implementing the planned value growth over the short term.