Liquidity Management, Cash Management

During a turnaround situation, stabilizing or improving the liquidity situation is of utmost importance. Crisis and growth phases can quickly lead to liquidity problems. We are there to advise and support the company’s management team during these situations. For example, we can provide weekly or (if necessary) daily liquidity forecasts and liquidity planning on short notice or optimize the existing cash management.
The acceptance dates and delivery dates are included in our planning and forecasting. These forecasts and plans serve as the basis for the avoidance of legal risks as the may pertain to the company’s management.

In addition, the following measures can also be implemented in individual cases:

  • Identification of measures to increase the liquidity and the support of the realization of such measures – for instance by the divesture of non-necessary operating assets or by deferral proceedings with contractual partners
  • Optimization of debtor and creditor management