Crisis Consultation

Opportune crisis advice can often avoid going-concern crisis scenarios. A threat of insolvency is often seen as a failure, as an end of the company in question and a senseless destruction of capital. Quite often this assessment is unjust as the opportune and skillful implementation of insolvency tools can provide the company with more room to maneuver. Insolvency only becomes an existence destroying danger when it is unforeseen and not prepared for.
If, due to legal reasons, insolvency proceedings cannot be avoided, a well-prepared proceeding can offer new restructuring opportunities. This applies, in particular, if an out-of-court restructuring has failed.

We are able to present companies with options that allow them to remain in charge of the decision-making process even in such extraordinarily critical phases. Liability risks of the management and the shareholders can be avoided by an opportune and well-structured approach. In spite of its particularly difficult situation, the company can be given a new chance for the continuation of the company as a whole or of the parts of those company that are economically viable.

Typical Services in the case of a going-concern crisis:

  • Examination of the causes for insolvency
  • Support with the preparation of insolvency plans
  • Establishment of certificates pursuant to § 270b German Insolvency Code (InsO)
  • Analysis, conception and supervision with respect to the realization of continuation and closure scenarios
  • Development of integrated planning calculations that focus on liquidity control
  • Determination of the costs of winding down production (processing of existing remaining orders), recording and evaluation of inventory, branches or companies
  • Support with the preparation of self-administration
  • Performance of liquidation administrator services