FTI-Andersch going concern forecasts...

  • as solvency forecasts, establish whether a company’s future earnings and liquidity situation will be sufficient to service the debts and liabilities due over the course of the planning period;
  • comprise neutral, technically sophisticated, clearly structured reports that provide you with legal certainty as to whether grounds for insolvency exist;
  • elucidate — where your company’s future as a going concern is determined to be relatively secure — the range of options available to it going forward.

Areas of application

FTI-Andersch going concern forecasts...

  • are necessary whenever a company falls into financial difficulties or a corporation established that its assets may no longer be sufficient to cover its liabilities;
  • fulfill all legal requirements pertaining to the examination of solvency and overindebtedness.

Core benefits

  • Many years of experience:
    FTI-Andersch has over 20 years of experience as an independent insolvency assessor.
  • A strong reputation:
    the reports that we compile in an auditing capacity provide company managements with the requisite official documentation, enabling them to proceed with legal certainty.
  • Practice-based approaches:
    we focus on the analyses that really matter and can thus quickly deliver reliable results.