Your goal

Whether you want to validate a strategic plan, compile an integrated financing plan or have an existing plan checked for plausibility, you will need a partner able to deliver a user-friendly, number-based, transparent decision-making basis.


Our services

We develop fully integrated business plans containing number-based assessments of all production and financing relations. These then serve as the basis for the flexible, interactive modelling of strategic, operational and financial options and scenarios.


Your benefits

  • A target-oriented basis for decision-making:
    A valid, integrated planning forecast takes numerous relevant scenarios into account and gives all stakeholders a transparent picture of future business development.
  • Accelerated decision-making processes:
    Thanks to our comprehensive, long-standing experience in dealing with the demands of different stakeholders, we are adept at preparing the requisite documents according to clients’ specific objectives and decision-making processes.
    Optimum planning depth:
    Corporate plans compiled by FTI-Andersch are invariably highly practical and characterized by an optimum balance of planning detail and strategic breadth.
  • High success rate:
    FTI-Andersch boasts a wealth of business modelling expertise, acquired over many years of experience in complex, challenging business environments. Our planning is plausible, practical and robust.