Your goal

A company’s success is dependant on a long-term growth strategy. All options will be analyed, evaluated and used as the basis for implementing an optimized company vision. This requires an independant review of the company's abilities, resources and core competencies.


Our services

We hold a series of workshops to analyse a company's core competencies in the context of the industry. We identify strategic options to acheive long term success, assess the attractiveness of these options and priorities them. We then work closely with company management to develop a suitable corporate vision statement, and prepare the operational measures required to ensure its efficient and successful implementation.


Your benefits

  • Clear core competencies:
    You gain clear definitions of the company’s specific strengths and the competencies that can be used as key differentiators versus the competition.
  • Sustainable strategy:
    We evaluate options based upon the core competencies of the company but also expected developments in the market.
  • A target-oriented vision:
    You receive a detailed report of the key options to achieve the strategy as well as detailed measures to implement the strategy.