As COO you are responsible for the performance and thus the heart of your company. Every day, you ensure that your customers receive the services promised by the sales department and thus secure the long-term growth and the sustainable profitability of the entire company.

In particular, your COO agenda will include:

  • Operationalizing Corporate Strategy,
  • Management of transaction processes,
  • Identification of profitability and liquidity potentials,
  • Digital transformation of the business model,
  • Optimization of transparency across the operational performance,
  • Ensuring stable and flexible supply chains,
  • Optimization of resource allocation and network,
  • Continuous improvement of operational processes in purchasing, logistics, production and service to achieve operational excellence

Through our many years of experience and our international team with business and technical expertise, FTI-Andersch helps you to define and successfully implement your individual COO agenda.

COO AGENDA together with FTI-Andersch

  • Gain comprehensive transparency using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Identify operational performance gaps and define adequate measures for the improvement of your processes and structures together with us.
  • Drive the digital transformation in your operational areas of responsibility (including purchasing, logistics, production).
  • Ensure a competitive production network with efficient cost structures.


We actively support you from the definition to the implementation of your individual COO agenda:

  • in recording the status quo and identifying areas where action is needed,
  • in the joint development of the targets you are aiming for including the measures required to achieve these targets,
  • and in the implementation of your tailor-made COO agenda, both technically/content-wise and methodically/structurally through our Performance Office.

Core benefits

High level of expertise:

The FTI-Andersch team has many years of experience in the design and implementation of projects aiming to improve operational performance. In addition, we have a broad network of industry and functional experts.

Efficient approach and measurable success:

Field-tested and pragmatic approaches result in a fast and efficient conceptual design. Our services result in measurable results.

Global Know-how:

FTI-Andersch has a comprehensive, international network. This means that not only our worldwide operational knowledge, but also our qualified expertise in IT systems, professional communication and specific industries is available to you.

We can assist you with:

COO Office: We support COOs in operational change processes. Together, we work on the development of an operations strategy, the efficient design of the organization or structural cost improvements. In the context of transactions, we provide assessments of the target companies' operational areas.

Integrated supply chain management: We look at the entire supply chain of the company and identify areas of action to increase efficiency as well as reduction of inventory and risks.

Planning and order processing: We implement proven principles and develop new approaches to improve sales, sales- and production planning. In this way, we support companies in increasing their sales and achieving higher customer satisfaction. In addition, we offer pragmatic solutions to simplify order processing within the company, enabling companies to find the right balance between costs, speed and service.

Excellent production: Our experts support you in the rapid identification of fields of action (e.g. optimal utilization of equipment, improvement of value stream, introduction of shop floor management), and showcase pragmatic and modern ways to improve performance.

Transparency and analytics: We help you stay on top of your supply chain performance by working with you to establish modern reporting structures so you can keep an eye on developments at all times. We use data insights and management to drive operational changes that increase profitability and strategic focus and improve customer base management.