Support measures to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

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    Manage liquidity

    The three most important questions at present are:

    - How much free liquidity do I have available today?

    - How long will my financial resources last?

    - How resilient is my medium-term financial planning and what does the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis look like?

    Here you will find our three most urgent recommendations

    Liquidity management
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    Apply for financial support

    Since time is a critical factor in the current situation, we work with an efficient, standardised approach. Our quick check is designed to help your company to quickly meet the documentation requirements in order to obtain approval of loans or government support measures

    Concise company assessment
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    Implement immediate measures

    It is existential for your company to reduce cash drain and cost burdens to the absolute minimum soon. Together with you, we can develop effective, sustainable measures which can be rapidly implemented

    Further information

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Cash management during the COVID-19 crisis

Our three most urgent recommendations for stabilising your business:

1. Cash check: How much free liquidity do I have available today?
  • Create a current liquidity status for each relevant company within your group, if necessary. This liquidity status is set up as follows (on a key date each):

    + available bank deposits and cash at hand

    + contractually existing, free credit lines

    - due liabilities

  • Consider any special cases, such as restrictions on capital movements and restricted cash (e.g. pledged cash deposits). Depending on the scope for action, we recommend that you update the liquidity status daily or weekly

For further information refer to the following link

2. Reach: How long do my financial resources last?
  • Create a short-term liquidity plan for the next three to six months
  • Due to the current uncertainties, we recommend working with different scenarios (moderate or stronger course of the COVID-19 crisis)
  • Derive the amount and timing of possible additional liquidity requirements from the short-term planning in order to be able to apply for further government support measures in addition to the measures already initiated
  • Relevant information from the employment agency on the short-time working allowance
  • Relevant information of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BmWi
  • Secure your liquidity planning through written documentation; clearly indicate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis
3. Perspective after COVID-19: How resilient is my medium-term financial plan and what does the time after the crisis look like?
  • In addition to short-term liquidity management, we recommend the preparation of a budget statement at least for the current and following fiscal year – details

  • The medium-term financing requirements and the expected development of your company after the immediate COVID-19 crisis should be clarified

  • Here, too, a comprehensible presentation of the assumptions and special effects from the COVID-19 crisis is recommended in order to fulfil the requirements of a medium-term financing

For further information please refer to the following link.