Operating cost reduction and efficiency increase

Together with company management, we create action-oriented timetables for rapid cost reduction and efficiency improvement. We support their implementation and thereby develop sustainable competitive advantages. The spectrum of these operational performance programs encompasses all operational functions, while always bearing the strategic orientation and the specifics of the business model in mind.

The goal of our work is to use suitable measures to create operational excellence and therefore sustainable competitive advantages in every operational process. We are now cooperating with the quality leader Porsche Consulting in questions pertaining to operational excellence. If necessary, we can draw on a pool of ca. 400 experts specialized in operational functions.

Possible areas of focus include:

  • Adjustment of internal performance and service, especially the reduction of miscellaneous operating expenses
  • Change of product assortment structure
  • Improvement of the value / supply chain
  • Optimization of purchasing conditions and supplier structures
  • Consolidation of sites