An FTI-Andersch business planning assessment

  • provides you with a neutral evaluation of how plausible your business planning is;
  • makes apparent, to insiders and third parties alike, the sound foundations upon which your business planning is based, thus giving all parties involved peace of mind;
  • creates transparency and strengthens the confidence of equity suppliers and lenders by validating your business planning;
  • allows you to avail of our extensive restructuring expertise and in-depth understanding of business models and markets across a broad range of sectors;
  • puts at your disposal the sophisticated technical and methodological knowledge of our employees with regard to financial planning.

Areas of application

An FTI-Andersch business planning assessment makes sense

  • if your company is currently undergoing upheaval due to, for example, changes on the market, internal restructuring measures or strategy realignment;
  • if your company has repeatedly failed to meet its business planning objectives;
  • if your company expects declining business earnings and the management wants to document its duty of care;
  • if refinancing or growth financing is planned or required;
  • if, as part of preparing the annual financial statement, your company’s status as a going concern needs to be evaluated and documented.


Core benefits

  • Sound financial expertise:
    FTI-Andersch has over 20 years of experience in evaluating business planning for all types of companies, with its clients ranging from medium-sized enterprises through to major, highly complex corporations.
  • A neutral perspective:
    Our independent perspective on your central planning premises together with our sector expertise will significantly increase the integrity of your planning.
  • Professional support:
    We use flexible scenario simulations to render relevant opportunities and risks clearly visible and quantifiable, and to then help you develop solid, viable business planning based on the insights gained.