Your goal

Are you a CEO, a member of the management, supervisory board or advisory board of a corporation facing challenging times? Do you want to rule out personal liability risks and quickly lead your company back to growth?

Our services

We help company bodies to implement and document the measures necessary to reduce liability risks for the management and supervisory board. We conduct business analyses and draw up the necessary reports, determine what the best options are in the respective circumstances, and develop and implement appropriate concepts together with you. On request, we can provide experienced managers via Andersch Management GmbH and will personally assume responsibility for successful implementation of the measures.

Your benefits

  • Applying the business judgement rule correctly:
    we provide you with neutral, well-founded and sufficiently documented assessments of your situation. These can then serve as the basis for expedient, objective decision-making in the interests of the company.

  • Differentiated services for management and supervisory boards:
    – our support for executive boards and managing directors consists in conducting analyses and developing measures geared specifically to resolving the business challenges concerned.
    – our support for supervisory and advisory boards consists in providing such boards with the basis (in the form of corresponding analyses and reports) on which to intensify their supervision of the management board as soon as the first signs of crisis emerge.

  • Specialist expertise:
    FTI-Andersch is the leading provider of consulting services for complex, challenging refinancing and restructuring situations. For over 20 years, we have been helping large and medium-sized companies navigate complex challenges with potential liability-related repercussions.