Your goal

To effectively map out and evaluate all the options available to you, you need to work with accomplished, independent experts.

Our services

We begin by identifying the options. We then systematically analyze the various options, carrying out scenario analysis to appraise their respective impact on the company’s financial performance. We also assess the potential for optimization within the purchasing, sales, marketing, production, logistics and administration divisions, examine the applicable corporate and tax law implications, and evaluate reputational and relocation risks. We assess the options together with our client in joint workshops. We also provide decision-making support and assist in negotiations with stakeholders (e.g., investors, the works council). The results of this phase serve as the basis for implementing an action plan which we oversee.

Your benefits

Our options analysis provide you with

  • an independent assessment of your options
  • a target-oriented basis for decision-making
  • a transparent, value-oriented basis for talks with stakeholders
  • an analysis to reduce the risk of liabilities
  • an independent opinion on how to deal with challenges 


Stakeholder orientation:

Value-oriented analysis, integration of various perspectives, differentiated assessment.

We have an in-depth understanding of how both entrepreneurs and stakeholders think. Indeed, according to a survey among experts, and in the opinion of leading banks and commercial credit insurance firms, we are the leading provider of stakeholder brokerage services*. Our sophisticated analysis provides transparency, facilitates effective negotiations, and helps to bring about solutions that are acceptable to all parties involved. They therefore vastly improve the chances of success.

*(Source: IfUS Expertenstudie 2018)