FTI-Andersch advises and supports companies in challenging situations.

A one-size-fits-all approach does not meet our standards.

Why FTI-Andersch

We are dedicated to transforming corporate challenges into sustainable growth.

To this end, we effectively combine our own expertise – as the German restructuring market’s most experienced team – with the extensive knowledge our clients bring to the table. We feel personally committed to each and every one of our clients.

We create transparency, hone strategies and implement jointly developed solutions – always with utmost precision and foresight.

At your side – for your success.

Experienced. Successful. Enterprising.

We are accomplished at dealing with challenging corporate situations. If we take on your mandate, it means we are confident that our collaboration will be fruitful. From this point on, we devote ourselves to developing the optimum solutions for your specific situation. Consistent, highly focused, driven by our desire to deliver the best possible results for your company.


*According to an independent expert report by IfUS (German Institute for corporate restructuring and development); Focus: 14 restructuring consultations for companies with revenue exceeding € 100 million. Click here to read the report.


  • PwC
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Rödl & Partner

Germany's best restructuring consultancy

* Independent evaluation of the leading consulting and auditing firms: on behalf of the German manager magazin, Professor Dietmar Fink from Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung interviewed 1,253 decision-makers in ten categories. The relevance of the consultant’s expertise for the decision-makers’ area of responsibility played an important role in selecting the interviewees. All the individual results were given equal weight when calculating the overall score. It is the most comprehensive study of its kind. You will find the results here (German).

FTI-Andersch was awarded the title “Hidden Champion” as leading restructuring consultant in Germany.

We are particularly pleased for receiving the “Hidden Champion” award because a consulting firm cannot apply for being included in the assessment. The pre-selection is made exclusively on the basis of a proposal by an independent panel of experts and on the basis of empirical studies by the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB). The study is thus based on a scientific basis that is independent of interests. As a result, the “Hidden Champion” award has become a reliable benchmark in the consulting market that stands for independence, continuity and quality.

Visit https://www.hidden-champions-of-consulting.de/ for details.

Our Mission


We stand
for success.

We are accomplished at dealing with challenging corporate situations. If we take on your mandate, it means we are confident that our collaboration will bear fruit. From this point on, we devote ourselves to developing the optimum solutions for your specific situation. Consistent, highly focused, driven by our desire to deliver the best possible results.


We understand
our craft.

Sophisticated methods and proven principles are the foundations of our success. This sound basis enables our consultants to capitalize fully on their pronounced analytical and conceptual skills. Each team is put together based on the specific tasks at hand and, if necessary, supplemented by international experts and sector specialists.


We are pragmatists, through and through.

Rest assured: with our knowledge and experience, we will be able to quickly get a solid grasp of your company’s circumstances. Based on these insights, we will then develop concrete action plans containing pragmatic solutions and targeted measures. If required, we can also oversee their implementation, working closely together with you to ensure sustainable success.


We are committed
to objectivity.

As an auditing firm, we provide independent, professional assessments of companies’ situations. We identify opportunities and risks, and define strategic goals. Our evaluations are clear and sound, and as such serve as a legally secure basis for you and for external decision makers such as supervisory bodies and finance partners.


We are true
team players.

We want you to make the best possible decisions for your company. This requires not only clear communication on our behalf with regard to our analyses and recommendations, but also respectful and appreciative consultant-client relations. We’re not looking to take center stage, but rather to serve as reliable trustworthy consultants at your side.


We are entrepreneurs. And more.

With an an entrepreneurial mindset, we are your sparring partner. With a wealth of experience in dealing with challenging situations, we also understand and take into account the interests of shareholders, stakeholders and financial backers. This is just one of the traits that make our solutions so sustainable.

Our approach

We focus on direct and target-oriented results in challenging corporate situations. Our clients include companies that want to prepare themselves in the best possible manner to deal successfully with a (re)financing situation, that find themselves in a strategic or earnings crisis or that are confronted with risks that could jeopardize their existence as a going concern. We guide you steadily and conscientious-ly through these often existential processes. Our work ranges from long-term course correction over rapid, significant performance improvement to acute crisis management. We are there for you when it matters.

Knowledge Leadership

At FTI-Andersch, we pride ourselves on our stringent quality standards and, as such, strive continually to advance our methods and solutions. To this end, we participate actively in research and teaching, as well as in relevant expert committees.

Our sector studies and publications initiate developments and guide trends within the restructuring sector.

We use our leading expertise to ensure speedy, successful, sustainable restructuring processes for our clients.

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To achieve sustainable success, you need to work with consultants who listen carefully and observe attentively. At FTI-Andersch, we do just this, firmly believing that candid, collaborative relations are essential to establishing trust, developing team spirit and embracing change, and therefore key to achieving common goals.

Supervisory Board

The team is supported by a supervisory board with extensive experience in the areas of finance and management consulting.

About FTI-Andersch

Andersch was founded in 2012 by a team with the background of many years experience in an international consulting firm. The company has since developed into the market-leading restructuring consultancy in the German-speaking region. In August 2019, Andersch joined the international FTI Consulting Group.
The merger enables Andersch to serve the increasingly global and complex needs of our clients in a holistic manner and with the highest possible quality standards.

FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global management consulting firm focused on helping companies manage change, reduce risk, and resolve conflict - whether in financial or legal matters, operations, political or regulatory issues, corporate reputation, or transactional matters. FTI Consulting employs over 6,900 people in 88 cities worldwide.

FTI Consulting has a leading market position in restructuring and a strong, growing presence in the EMEA region. In addition, FTI Consulting holds leading positions in restructuring in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries. In 2018, the UK's Institute for Turnaround named FTI Consulting "Turnaround Advisor of the Year" and The Deal magazine recognized the company as the #1 restructuring advisor in the U.S. for the eleventh consecutive year.





Global affiliates

Successful corporate change processes always encompass the entire company, including the international business activities and subsidiaries.

We have successfully accompanied numerous restructurings where we were faced with international challenges. Where necessary, we strengthened our team by collaborating with very experienced, local, independent restructuring experts that have an excellent reputation in their respective home markets.

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Not only is sustainable success the objective of our consulting activities. Sustainability in our actions is also a personal concern of ours.

We take corporate responsibility for our environment, which is why we have analysed the effects of our work and initiated measures to reduce negative environmental impacts:

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    In order to reduce our "ecological footprint", we have integrated various measures into our everyday lives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and (plastic) waste.

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    For business trips, we replace air travel and taxi rides with more climate-friendly rail travel wherever possible. We also use videoconferencing and compensate for any CO2 pollution adequately.

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    Our headquarters in Frankfurt is located in a sustainable, ecologically high-performance building that meets the internationally leading LEED standard (LEED: "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design").

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    In addition, we support the following climate protection initiatives:

Atmosfair Logo

atmosfair is a non-profit company that emerged in 2003 from a research project of the German Ministry of the Environment (BMU). Voluntary climate protection contributions from companies and private individuals form the financing basis. With these, atmosfair develops and operates climate protection projects for CO2 compensation in the global south via renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Alliance for Development and Climate Change Logo

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) launched the Alliance for Development and Climate Change (Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima) in 2018. It offers a platform for non-governmental commitment and has the task of promoting development and climate protection at the same time. The activities of the alliance’s partners are voluntary and contribute to achieving climate neutrality or even climate positivity.