Areas of application

An FTI-Andersch options analysis

  • provides you with a package of professional recommendations on how best to strategically realign your company (includes product-, market-, and location-specific recommendations)
  • shows you how workable alternative forms of financing (factoring, mezzanine, etc.) would be
  • are often requested by stakeholders who, in the face of especially acute difficulties, require a neutral assessment of the available options
  • enable you to make use of the business judgement rule, mitigating personal liability for members of company bodies 

Core benefits

  • Specialist expertise:
    FTI-Andersch is among the leading consulting firms for companies undergoing complex challenges.
  • A strong reputation:
    As an auditing firm, we can credibly assume the role of neutral third party vis-à-vis all stakeholders.
  • A solution-oriented philosophy:
    FTI-Andersch is renowned for its pragmatic approaches, transparent communication and professional commitment.