An independent opinion

A neutral opinion that builds confidence and serves as the basis for decisions that maximize the value of your business

Strategy review

A successful restructuring requires applying the right strategy to secure and maintain a competitive advantage in the long term

Restructuring reports (restructuring opinions)

Our expert opinions are practical and highlight the measures needed to restructure successfully whilst obtaining acceptance from all stakeholders

Independent Business Review (IBR)

A quick and objective assessment of the situation is commonly required. Our independent business review provides you with a focused and robust framework for decision-making

Business planning assessments

A sound business plan is the cornerstone of good company management. An independent review is both expedient and necessary in certain situations

Potential analysis

Continual improvement is the key to long-term business success. FTI-Andersch supports sustainable value delivery though accurate analysis and detailed recommendations for action

Analysis of options

We can expand the horizon of your opportunities: our options analyses give you a structured evaluation of the paths available to you, and a legally robust basis on which to make decisions

StaRUG - the new restructuring law

The new Corporate Stabilisation and Restructuring Law (StaRUG) has been in force since the first of January 2021.

Expert reports under insolvency law

In the majority of cases, corporate insolvency involves complex legal negotiations. As an independent advisor, FTI-Andersch provides an objective assessment

Going concern forecast

Companies in crisis situations are obliged to assess their solvency and debt situations in order to establish whether grounds for insolvency exist. We are your independent assessor